A Better Way to Get Clients by Networking

A Better Way to Get Clients by Networking

Finding clients becomes easy when your focus is not on selling, but on creating triangles.

If you've ever attended a business networking event and left saying: "that was a waste of time" it could be because it wasn't where the people you wanted to meet hang out.

Or it could be because everyone was only focused on getting clients. Here's 3 tips to shift your focus slightly so you get better results.

Networking is a great way to get clients.

Here's 3 tips to network better and get clients.

1) CARRY THIS MINDSET: go to FIND clients, not sell.

2) PREPARE SOME QUESTIONS: this will help you guide the conversation with the intent to determine if someone is your ideal client.

3) BUILD TRIANGLES WHENEVER YOU CAN: As you seek your ideal client, you will meet people who will not be your clients. Help them get what they want by offering:

a) an idea to help them move toward attaining their current primary goal

b) a resource to help them move toward attaining their current primary goal

c) am upcoming networking event or networking group you think would benefit them

d) a potential referral partner

e) a referral to someone you know who needs their products or services right away

Zig Ziglar said: "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." It's true. Start helping people get what they want in life and you will start getting more of what you want too.

In the process of building triangles and helping others get what they want, you will find the people who need your products and services NOW. They are looking for you.

You will also meet people who would make great referral partners. They too are looking for you.

Book an appointment with these people.

Imagine if you found one client and one referral partner every time you network. What would that do for your business?

When you build triangles with people instead of focusing only on getting clients, you will network better and faster - and ultimately get more clients.