How to Stay Socially Connected While Socially Distancing

How to Stay Socially Connected While Socially Distancing

Social distancing doesn't have to mean social disconnection. Here's tips to stay connected and keep your business afloat during the Covid19 pandemic.

The coronavirus presents some challenges to keeping your business going (and growing)

While the Public Health Service of Canada recommends social distancing, there are lots of ways to stay socially connected.

Here's some practical tips to stay connected and keep your business going.

Keep your schedule filled with booked appointments:

1) Personally reach out to all your contacts and ask how you can help them overcome their challenges right now. Listen carefully to their immediate needs.

If you can help them directly, make an offer. If not, connect them to someone who can.

Also, tell them your challenges and allow them to help you.

2) Use an automated scheduling system like Acuity to book appointments with ease - click here to check it out

You can easily add your meeting link in an email or message to others.

Hold Meetings Online:

Meet with potential clients online using a platform like Zoom.

Attend Networking Events Online:

1) Join existing Facebook and LinkedIn networking groups and use best practices for networking

2) Create a virtual networking event on social media

3 Host an online training on Zoom

4) Develop an online group coaching or mastermind program

5) Meet online with peers, and mastermind ways to solve challenges in your businesses

By developing an online networking and sales strategy, you will stay socially connected and your business will stay afloat.

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