5 tips for Getting Referral Partners

5 tips for Getting Referral Partners

Imagine how your business would grow if you had 1, 2 or 10 people referring you clients all the time. Here's tips to show you how.

Everyone wants referrals. They convert faster and more easily than other leads. But there's one mistake almost everyone makes when asking someone to refer potential clients to them.

It's called "Premature Solicitation", a term coined by Ivan Misner of BNI.

Business by Referral expert, Christel Wintels, says Premature Solicitation is when at a business networking event someone asks someone for something too big too soon.

"We all build our networks carefully," Christel says, "and we're all very protective of the relationships we have in our network."

So when someone comes up and says they want to meet the most famous or the most wealthy person she knows, and that's a relationship she's spent a lot of time building credibility with, they haven't earned the privilege to ask her for that introduction.

"What they're asking is cold. And the equivalent would be cold calling," she says.

Christel says relationships are precious, and while the point of business networking is to heat up relationships fast by way of introduction, you must first take time to build trust.

"When I know and respect someone first, and they ask for an introduction, I'm delighted to introduce them," she says.

Here's tips for avoiding "Premature Solicitation" when approaching someone as a referral partner.

Christel Wintels, Business By Referral Expert

Before you ask for anything:

  • Build Rapport. Discover what you have in common and get to know each other first.
  • Ask Great Questions: Here's some to get to know someone and see if you like each other:
    • Who are you?
    • What do you do?
    • Who do you help?
    • Why did you get into your particular business?
  • Build Trust First: Ask the potential referral partner what they want. Tell them you will help them get what they want.
    • Give first: follow up and follow through. Help the potential referral partner get what they want.
    • Follow up and follow through with how you said you would help the potential referral partner.
  • Ask Them to Help You: Once you have helped them you have earned permission to ask for help.
  • Establish a Formal Referral Partnership: If this person serves the same type of clients, discuss exchanging qualified referrals ongoing. Then commit to continuing to building the referral relationship by reciprocating.
  • Repeat With Others

By taking time to build the relationship first, you will receive an ongoing flow of hot prospects that easily close as clients.

Over time you will double, triple or even 10 X the number of referrals you receive.

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