2021 comes, What's the price of the New Yamaha

2021 comes, What's the price of the New Yamaha
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To note, every year the official price of motorbikes tends to increase. Of course based on several factors.

From our observation, several brand holders such as PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) and PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) still set a nominal similar to the last December 2020 offer. This month (January 2021) for example. The price of one of the favorite models bearing the tuning fork, the All New NMax, remains the same. The standard version is sold for Rp. 29.75 million.

Even so for the types above such as NMax Connected and NMax Connected / ABS. Each of them was still sold for Rp. 31 million and Rp. 33.75 million. The same official price as the previous year also applies to the All New Yamaha Aerox 155 Connected.

The offers for the three models: Aerox 155 Connected (Rp. 25.5 million), Connected / ABS (Rp. 29 million) and Connected / ABS MotoGP Edition (Rp. 29.5 million) - have not changed. Likewise with the Honda ADV 150. Both the CBS and ABS variants are pegged the same, namely IDR 34,742 million and 37,805 million (on the road in Jakarta).

2021 comes, What's the price of the New Yamaha

Of course there is a price difference when these units enter the sales network. For example, the Honda ADV 150 which was operated by Honda Cengkareng. Here, the two variants of the Honda ADV 150 are pegged at IDR 34,893 (CBS type) million and IDR 38,816 million (ABS type) for the Jakarta and Tangerang areas.

But those of you who are interested in this adventure-looking scooter will get a discount of IDR 1,150 million. With a note that purchases must be made in cash, aka cash.

Indeed, there is no promo if you buy it on credit. Even so, consumers still benefit from the availability of various tenors. This dealer under the auspices of PT Wahana Makmur Sejati (WMS) provides installment periods ranging from 11, 17, 23, 27, 29, 33 and even up to 35 months.

Meanwhile, the down payment varies from Rp. 4,050 million to Rp. 6,450 million. Regarding the ideal option, it's best to take a credit period of 27-35 months because the installments are still under Rp. 2 million.

From the scooter segment, the Honda ADV 150 comes with the best offers. However, that does not mean that there are no programs from other lines such as the All New Honda Beat, Honda Genio and Honda Vario Series. Each buyer of this scooter will get a discount starting from IDR 300-400 thousand. Not bad though not too big for cash purchases.

Like motor sports, the naked bike segment also has its own interests for motorists in the country. The newest model of course refers to the Yamaha iron horse named XSR 155. At the beginning of this year the price has not changed, respectively, namely Rp. 36,580 million (OTR Jakarta).

The unit price varies from IDR 35,451 million (Standard Matte Black and Victory Black Red) to IDR 40,351 million (Repsol Edition ABS). Even so, there's nothing wrong with looking at competitors like the Yamaha R15. in the most expensive version of the Yamaha R15 Monster Energy Yamaha, the brand holder pegged it at Rp. 37.685 million. Much cheaper than Honda's version of the MotoGP suit.

2021 comes, What's the price of the New Yamaha

The interesting side of this motorbike is the classic modern style dish. The stretcher of his rounded body was now arguably alluring. Plus, treat modernity through the application of LED main lighting and a multi-digital meter panel. He has even been fitted with the Assist and Slipper Clutch device to reduce the symptoms of the rear wheels locking due to the fast down shift activity.

No less important, the output of the DOHC two-cylinder 250 cc engine is capable of 35.5 Hp / 12,000 rpm and 23.6 Nm / 10,000 rpm. Then, basic full digital vehicle information with a large screen. The robustness in control of the MT-25 is supported by a diamond-type array, upside-down forks and single-link (front-rear) suspension.

Unfortunately, there is no sensor type brake because the two wheel stoppers still rely solely on the disc circumference. Even so, the price is quite pocket-friendly, namely IDR 55.46 million. In the end, it remains only to determine which model is attractive and certainly ideal for your purchasing ability.