Why is the upgraded Honda Scoopy more expensive than the Honda Vario 125 CBS?

Why is the upgraded Honda Scoopy more expensive than the Honda Vario 125 CBS?
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Judging by the manufacturer's price list, the price of the Honda "Scoopy Fashion and Prestige" version is IDR 20,750,000.

The price of the Honda Vario 125 CBS is 20,600,000 IDR. Yes, there is 150,000 IDR between the most expensive Scoopy and the cheapest Varia. So is it really worth buying an expensive Honda Scoopy?

As of 2021, the highest price in the field of 110cc scooters is the Honda scooter. Among the Honda series scooters, the Honda Beat and Honda Genio series were originally mid-priced, but the Honda brothers scooters are much more expensive than their siblings. The PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is also very different from the Honda Vario 125. By the way, it uses a larger engine capacity.

Why is the upgraded Honda Scoopy more expensive than the Honda Vario 125 CBS?

Iconic Honda Scoopy Design

When scooters are lifted, most people usually choose cheaper scooters. This is why many consumers want to use the Hondo Vario 125 CBS. However, this doesn’t seem to apply to drivers who love the iconic Scoopy character. Maintain your brand retro-modern theme. As part of the update at the end of 2020, a new look was added.

For example, before. Projector model The illuminated oval headlight is integrated with the daylight (DRL). The turn signals are separate from the headlights. Then there is the grill on the right side of the front crutches. Not only does it give a dynamic impression, its presence can also cause the scooter to blow. This change also applies to the rear view. Stretchers made with circular brake lights can enhance the shades of this section.

Compact dimensions Honda Scoopy

In this way, the unique shape is supported by a fairly compact body size. The Honda Scoopy measures 1,864 x 683 x 1,075 mm (length x width x height) and can be easily shipped around town. In fact, the Vario 125 CBS is not ideal in itself. The dimensions are 1,919 x 679 x 1,062 mm, which is enough for a mobile companion. However, Scoopy has its advantages due to its small size.

The seat height is lower than the Vario 125 (769 mm), not to mention 746 mm. This friendly seat gives the driver more control. Even the maximum weight of the Honda Scoopy is only 95 kg. The Vario 125 CBS reached 111 kg.

However, the big difference with Scoopy is that the ground clearance is 145 mm. Yes, it is only 132 mm higher than the distance in the Vario 125. Nevertheless, the gap actually has a positive effect, as you do not have to worry about the bottom of the sealed deck getting stuck in the event of a collision.

Unfortunately, the compact body of the Honda Scoopy also affects luggage restrictions. The luggage compartment of the Vario 125 CBS is as large as 18 liters. The scoop is only 15.4 liters. However, keep in mind that it has the highest performance of similar products.

Richer Honda limited news features

You can definitely see their selection among the features they offer. Customers of the Honda Scoopy Fashion Edition and Prestige Edition will receive a smart key system. The key is no longer used as a contact, but the button is already in use. Not only that, it is also equipped with an additional remote control with a complete response system and burglar alarms. In contrast, the Honda Vario 125 CBS relies solely on electromagnetic locks. The Vario 125 on the left is just a cargo storage console. Another thing about the Honda Scoopy is that it already offers a USB socket for charging the device. It is even cleaner with the coating.

An efficient Honda scoop

In fact, the performance of the Honda Scoopy must be much longer than the Honda Vario 125. With the 110cc engine, the Scoopy can produce only 9 hp at 7,500 rpm and 9.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The Scoopy, however, is impressive because it uses Honda’s latest engine. In addition to a more compact design, the new compact heart mix also affects fuel efficiency.

According to PT AHM, the fuel consumption of the Honda Scoopy is 59 km / l. This record was obtained at the time of the ISS launch. Apparently the Vario with a 125cc engine cannot achieve such a cut. As a result, the water level of Keitri Tanya penetrated only 51.7 km / L. Its fuel volume is 5.5 liters, so it did not benefit much. The volume of the petrol tank is only 4.2 liters, which is slightly more than the Scoopy.

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