What happened to the Motorcycles Industry these dyas?

What happened to the Motorcycles Industry these dyas?
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2020 motorcycle sales in Indonesia have experienced a drastic decline.

2020 motorcycle sales in Indonesia have experienced a drastic decline. According to a report by the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), the motorcycles sold in the domestic market were only 3,660,616 units. Plunging far enough compared to the previous year which reached 6,487,460 units.

All New Yamah Aerox 155 Connected

What happened to the Motorcycles Industry these dyas?

Entering November 2020, Yamaha Indonesia released the All New Yamaha Aerox 155 Connected. As per the additions, this latest model also carries device connectivity like the All New Yamaha NMax. The same applies to machines. The performance sector on the new Aerox has also increased because it uses a base engine similar to NMax. That's why the performance records are also set at the level of 15.3 Ps @ 8,000 rpm and 13.9 Nm @ 6,500 rpm.

In this sport scooter, Yamaha Indonesia also applies SSS and SMG. However, its availability can only be found in the highest version of the Aerox 155 (Aerox 155 Connected ABS) - including the use of the ABS braking system on the front wheels. The sensor brake and automatic on-off features were absent in the Aerox 155 Connected type.

The All New Yamaha Aerox 155 already carries device connectivity such as the Yamaha NMax.

Even so, the All New Yamaha Aerox still presents a different impression in terms of appearance. The face design is very different from the previous model. Likewise with a fairing that reinforces its figure as a sports scooter. Interestingly, there is no longer any tapered ends. This design change is smart because it reduces the risk of the knee getting hit with it. All New Aerox Connected is currently marketed at a price of IDR 25.5 million. Meanwhile, the Aerox 155 Connected ABS is pegged at Rp. 29 million.

All New Honda Scoopy

Still in the same month, AHM again added to its newest product line through the All New Honda Scoopy. In general, the distinctive language style of this scooter is still the same, emphasizing the retro-modern scooter design. Of course there is a change in appearance that can be seen directly on the front and rear light models.

Likewise, Honda Genio and Honda Beat, he also applied the eSAF chassis and the latest 110 cc engine made by Honda. It is certain that the weight will be reduced compared to the old Honda Scoopy. Questioning the fuel volume remains the same, which is 4.2 liters. However, Scoopy has a luggage capacity of 15.4 liters. This makes him the owner of the most extensive luggage in Honda's 110 cc range of scooters.

The All New Honda Scoopy retains its retro-modern design.

The applied ACG device and ISS features are also agreed by this unique looking scooter. The availability of the Smart Key System (SKS) key system and USB charger is more than enough to provide added value to buyers. The All New Honda Scoopy itself is offered in four options. Fashion and Sporty variants sold for IDR 19,950 million. While Scoopy Prestige and Stylish are sold for IDR 20,750 million.

Yamaha Gear 125

Yamaha Indonesia apparently has not run out of weapons to compete in the scooter segment last year. After the launch of the All New Honda Scoopy, they released the Yamaha Gear 125. The stature of the entry level scooter is actually similar to other lines such as the Yamaha Mio S. In order not to be confused, a distinctive touch is given to the face.

Not only that, the differentiation of Yamaha Gear is also visible because the body cover uses the latest molds. Likewise, a footrest model that has a fairly wide cross section. The manufacturer has also provided two item hangers in the middle area of ​​the slope and under the seat. It is intended that Yamaha Gear owners have no trouble putting their belongings down.

Yamaha Gear 125 is the latest line of cheap Yamaha scooters in Indonesia.

What other cheap Yamaha scooters don't have is the SSS feature. This means that the Yamaha Gear 125 engine will also automatically shut down when idle. Then on the lock system. It is still a magnetic safety key. But for the top variant (Yamaha Gear S version) a remote Answer back System is available. This device can be used when finding the position of the motorbike in the parking lot. The highest version of the Yamaha Gear is marketed at a price of Rp. 17,350 million. While the standard variant costs Rp. 16,750 million.

What about other brands?

Apart from Yamaha and Honda, there are other Japanese brands that also launched new products in 2020. PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) presents the Suzuki Nex Crossover as a new choice of adventurous scooters. On a basis like the Suzuki Nex II.

Suzuki Nex Crossover offers a different driving impression from the Suzuki Nex II.

Yes, the change lies in the bare handlebars and meter panels. In order to support the needs of light offroad, he has also been fitted with semi-dual purpose tires. Its presence can be a consideration for motorists who were previously interested in proposing Honda Beat Street or Yamaha X Ride 125. In terms of price, this scooter is quite competitive, which is IDR 17,990 million.

Kymco Indonesia also plays a role in stimulating the two-wheeled industry in the country through its newest products. Two scooters were released at almost the same time. They are the Kymco X-Town 250i and Kymco GP 125 . Their existence may be able to enliven the competition in the 250 cc scooter segment which is now filled with Yamaha XMax and Honda Forza. The competition is even more fierce in the 125 cc scooter category. We know there is already a Honda Vario 125 there . Not to mention the 125 scooter line from the Yamaha camp.

PT Piaggio Indonesia presents an attractive line up throughout 2020.

Not only them. Jenama Italia under the brand holder PT Piaggio Indonesia, has also released several products. Two of them, the Vespa S 125 i-get and Piaggio Medley S 150 ABS, are regular products. But here they also launched a line which incidentally is a special edition. Call it Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon. Then the duet of Vespa Sprint Racing Sixties and Vespa GTS 300 Racing Sixties. The line of product launches from him was then concluded by the Vespa GTV Sei Giorni II Edition.


Based on the sales report from AISI, motorcycle sales throughout 2020 have indeed fallen sharply. However, brand holders in Indonesia continue to strive so that the two-wheeled industry continues to run. After all, a positive tone can also be seen where the share of scooters is still leading compared to other categories. In fact, there was an increase in the percentage of sales compared to the previous year.

Discount assignments or sales programs are guaranteed by most buying networks. This, too, is then harmonized with the launch of new products as an element of stinging the market. In the scooter class itself, we noted that there were 13 new motorbikes that launched last year. Hopefully the improvements in this sector will be felt again in 2021. If you are worried that you cannot keep up with the latest car information, click Pajak kendaraan bermotor to enter our website to learn about the latest developments!