Honda Scoopy Kumamoto Limited Edition

Honda Scoopy Kumamoto Limited Edition
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Do you know Kumamoto Edition Honda Scoopy ?

When it comes to Honda motorcycles, in addition to the representative elements of "Dream Wings, Weishuang Flowers, and Tricolor Flowers", there is also a "label" that makes riders unforgettable. This is "Kumamoto Bear", which is the biggest Honda in Japan. The mascot where the factory is located, it has also appeared on many models, and many limited models have been launched with the theme of "Kumamoto Bear". Recently, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the birth of the classic pedal Scoopy i 110, the Scoopy i 110 Kumamon "Kumamoto Special Edition" was released in Thailand.

Scoopy 2020  has a very large stock in Southeast Asia. However, the appearance of Scoopy i is much more beautiful than most motorcycles. It inherits the classic model with round head and round brain, and is more popular among young people. On this basis, the special version uses black as the main body color, embellishes the dashboard, pedals, and exhaust shields with red, and incorporates a very eye-catching Kumamoto bear cartoon pattern, highlighting the fun, vitality, playful and new car positioning .

On the tenth anniversary of the launch of the Honda Scoopy 110, it also used the cute pet Kumamon bear as the drawing pattern and color, and launched the Honda Scoopy i Kumamon 10th Anniversary Kumamon Bear Limited Edition, taking the cute and eye-catching route.

Scoopy i Kumamon 110 is equipped with an air-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder SOHC 2-valve 108 cc engine, equipped with IDLING STOP fuel-saving environmental protection device, maximum horsepower 8.8 hp@7500rpm and maximum torque 9.60Nm@6000rpm

Bright color and practical flat platform, which can be started by electric or foot, front and rear 12-inch wheels.

Honda Scoopy Kumamoto Limited Edition

In terms of selling price, the Scoopy i 110 Kumamon "Kumamoto Special Edition" is 5.42w baht in Thailand, which is equivalent to about 1.23w RMB. There are also more domestic Honda models with 110cc displacement. In addition to Jiayu and Joy, Ruiying 110 and NS110R have also added new technologies such as keyless start and idle start-stop in recent years, and they have basically caught up with the performance configuration. Overseas brothers, there are still a lot of gaps compared with Scoopy "Little Turtle" in appearance. The domestic small pedals always don't make people's eyes shine. Who said that you don't want to look good when commuting to work?

Shigito Kimura, CEO of AP Honda, said at the new car launch: “The scooter market in Thailand is always changing, so we will never stop developing products that meet the changing trends and consumer needs. In the past, Honda has been able to do well Meeting these needs. This is reflected in the success of the Scoopy i, which was first introduced in 2009 and has quickly become popular until now, and it has become popular in Thailand.

The new Honda Scoopy i Kumamon Kumamon Special Edition is a combination of Scoopy i and Kumamon, both of which originated in the same city. The Scoopy series (50 cc version sold in the Japanese domestic market) was first produced and sold in 2001 and was named after CREA Scoopy in Kumamoto, Japan. Honda introduced this model to the Thai market in 2009 under the name Scoopy. In order to promote the development of tourism in Kumamoto Prefecture, the Kumamoto mascot is a character full of cuteness, mischief, and joy. It makes Kumamoto famous in Japan and the world. " Such a cute motorcycle, remember to buy insurance for it!(Source: cara klaim asuransi mobil )