13 Tips to Get Traffic to Your Website

13 Tips to Get Traffic to Your Website

Check out 13 Great Tips to Get Traffic to Your Website

When the question of getting targeted traffic to a site arises, the most obvious and popular answers are search engine promotion and contextual advertising. Indeed, it is these online marketing tools that attract a huge number of visitors. They are difficult to beat in terms of cost and targeting of the audience, but there are other methods to attract visitors to your resource. We will share them with you in this article.

Create Really Cool and Valuable Content

We know all about content kings. But when it comes to the site, content is not only an additional way to attract targeted traffic. This is your face in the literal and figurative sense. No one wants to read your book, nor does anyone want to buy your training course, if your content is, to put it mildly, not very valuable. Therefore, let's look at the right approaches to publishing content in this niche.

13 Tips to Get Traffic to Your Website

Expertise Only

If you developed your training material, it means you know something from your own experience that other people do not know, and you offer them to pay for your knowledge. This means that the content that you will provide on your site for free should be expert in the first place.

No, no one encourages you to reveal all the secrets, however, even a random guest visiting your site should immediately understand that the owner of the resource is a person who is knowledgeable in his niche and is responsible for the advice that he gives, both paid and free.

What to Write About

So, what can you write about to show your expertise, give users valuable content and drive traffic to your website? Of course, about your niche, and about what problems you can solve with the help of your book or online course. Do your own research, analyze trends, make expert predictions and back it up with scientific sources. With this combination, the value of your content will increase several times automatically.

Regular Publications

The constant addition of new materials is a good sign for search robots. With regular updates to the content, the site’s rating grows, and traffic naturally increases.

There is no perfect posting schedule - choose a rhythm that is comfortable for you. The main thing is not to throw the blog for months.

A Small Test for Users

It's a pretty cool idea to develop a little test and post it on your page. As a prerequisite, add the need to enter an email address before starting the test. This will allow you to determine what level of knowledge each user has, as well as develop a personalized chain of letters. After sending each of the chains, you can persuade the user to buy your information product. In addition, users, in principle, like to while away their time passing the tests, so to some extent, this can give you additional traffic, although it will not always be targeted.

Internal Linking

If your new blog material is linked to other content on your site, tell your readers about it. Internal links will improve optimization, help people get more content on their subject, and keep them on your site for a long time.

Publishing Someone Else’s Content

How it works:

Find thematic publications that will be interesting to the audience of your resource;

  • contact the copyright holder with a proposal to publish material on your site with a link back to the source;
  • post the publication - as is or with your own expert comments;
  • get a certain share of traffic from search and social networks.

Social Networks

In fact, the amount of traffic that you can attract from social networks is unlimited, since this has already become more than a modern trend. Next, we offer you a list of features that you can implement.

13 Tips to Get Traffic to Your Website

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on Facebook is very flexible, and by the way, it is possible to set up advertising on Instagram directly from Facebook. The main advantage is the very subtle segmentation mechanisms of the target audience. Yes, the coverage that you get will be less in this case, but each new user who arrives will be as targeted and interested as possible.


Recommendations and reviews are very strong social proof. Modern users believe living people more than blinking ads. Ask a person who is respected in your niche to recommend you as an expert and promising specialist. Be sure that you can get a decent response and at least several hundred new subscribers to social networks who will visit your site with high probability.


Contests are a cool way to get an influx of subscribers, and if you put a link to your site in the bio or at the top of the profile, then traffic flow to your site will also increase. Offer to receive your book or online course as a prize for free and you will receive a huge number of the most interested users, with whom you can work in the future using other methods.

And Again About the Content

We will repeat a little about the content in social networks. In general, you can use content that you already published on your site, insert relevant links, select or create good graphics, and bring this content to the masses using social media.

Independent Steps

And ending this paragraph, we will say a few words about Linkedin. This is a great social network to promote the book, especially if it is about business, and online courses as well. Sometimes you don’t even need additional steps to get the result. Just fill out your profile so that everyone understands who you are, what you are doing and what you offer, and establish contacts with every person from your sphere who is potentially interested in you.


The best thing to know about SEO is that this method will work for you even when you forget about it. Therefore, try to make each of your pages and each of the new publications SEO-optimized.

The most efficient algorithm is as follows. Use two high-frequency, two mid-frequency, and two low-frequency queries for each of your articles. This will give you the opportunity to advance to the top at the same time for each of the queries, and in addition, your article will look more useful and expert. Even Google mechanisms will understand that you are not looking at a specific topic superficially, optimizing only for the query “increase sales”, for example, as well as for requests “increase sales in retail”, “quickly increase sales”, and “increase sales using big data”.

13 Tips to Get Traffic to Your Website

Paid Advertising

Contextual and targeted advertising is one of the easiest and fastest ways to drive traffic. This is an indispensable tool in a complex niche, and indeed, a rare promotion strategy today will do without advertising.

Context advertising in highly competitive areas is quite difficult. Large and experienced players have long taken popular requests, and breaking their monopoly will not be easy. Therefore, promotion with low-frequency queries can be more profitable. And here you can safely use the same algorithm that we proposed to you in the previous paragraph.

Guest Posting

This method was at the origins of promoting a new site and building link mass. Its essence is that you exchange useful content with platforms, the theme of which is similar to yours, and each of you receives a new influx of fresh target audience. And the most important thing here is to find the most targeted resources. It is not wise to do this manually, since it is much more reliable to do it with the help of specialized services, for example, the The Adsy.

In addition, website promotion using this method includes another process - link building. It includes the placement of links to your site on various thematic resources. These links serve as an indicator of the credibility of your site for search engines. Search engine bots will increase your site in search results because they decide that the authority of your site is high, the site is popular and interesting to visitors.

Usability in Focus

It would seem, what does site usability have to do with getting targeted traffic? But in fact, there is a direct relationship between these two points. No strategies, including paid and expensive ones, will help you increase the amount of incoming traffic if your usability is lame, the registration form is complicated and incomprehensible, the site takes a long time to load and is full of 404 pages. For this reason, we decided to include this recommendation in our list, and perhaps even it was worth putting this item in the first place.

Before launching any campaigns to drive traffic to your site, check its usability and try to evaluate your performance with a sober look. Because if you do not do this earlier, the only result of your efforts will be a high bounce rate, even despite all the attractiveness of your info product.

What Is About Your Design

In general, the same is true for site design. Attracting traffic as such does not make sense if the design is outdated, unattractive, or does not match the values and mood of the site. Look at your main competitors and analyze the design solutions that they have implemented.

It is very important that the user can immediately find out everything important about your product, understand why he needs it and how to open access to information.

Leave Comments on Topic Forums

In order to attract people from forums, it is not enough to leave a message there, you need to establish contact with their visitors. And for this, it is necessary to share really useful information, respond to messages from other users, and it’s better not to openly invite people to visit your site - this can cause a negative reaction and become a prerequisite for an account ban. But with proper communication, you can earn the loyalty of visitors and attract them to your resource.

Video to Include into Your Strategy

Video is a global trend that can help you attract a huge number of targeted subscribers, readers, and buyers. Make a video presentation of your online course or book, add the appropriate hashtags, and start the video to surf the net. If you managed to create something really worthwhile, there is a big likelihood that the video becomes viral and then each user who views it will help you with advertising and distribution.

Free Offers

For example, you can create a lead magnet and invite users to download part of your book or the first two lessons from your course for free. This is normal practice, which

  • firstly, it will give you the opportunity to interact with the most interested segment more closely,
  • secondly, to collect a database of email addresses,
  • and thirdly, improve the behavioral factors on your site.

Mailing Lists and RSS

This is one of the most traditional forms of attracting traffic to a site that still has not lost its relevance. Newsletters are a powerful way to get traffic from the "bins". It is much easier to compose a letter with an offer or a selection of useful materials and send them to the subscriber base than to spend time and money on attracting new visitors. This is not only a great way to attract traffic, but also to gain a permanent audience that will regularly visit the site. In addition, these will be really interested users.

In addition, after you collect the database from the addresses of interested users, you can create a trigger and personalized chains of letters that will help you convince everyone of the need to purchase and use your information product.

Free Introductory Webinars

This partly relates to the point that you can offer your visitors something for free. And an introductory tutorial webinar is a very good idea to implement. This will give you the opportunity to prove your expertise in reality, answer user questions, better understand their needs, and make the necessary changes to your information product according to these requests before starting sales.

In addition, information about a good and free webinar spreads quickly in any niche, since, as a rule, users who want to learn more never neglect free offers, but, on the contrary, start with them. And only then they make a decision about the need to buy a book or other information product.

Information Support for Conferences & Seminars

If you maintain your site, you can become an information partner of many thematic events, and in exchange, you will receive not only a link to your resource from the event’s website, but you can also distribute information using gift bags, stands, electronic mailing, etc.


This is not a complete list of features that you can use to attract targeted traffic to your your website. We have listed only the most basic methods that generally suit most businesses. Based on the specifics of your product, choose the most appropriate methods and observe how your target audience responds to one or another of your actions, and you will be able to develop a comprehensive strategy for attracting traffic to the site based on our advice.

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