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What is your distribution strategy?

As Jonathan Perelman of Buzzfeed stated, “It’s not nearly enough to create a good piece of content. You have to understand how content spreads across the web.”

Finding ways to distribute your content beyond your own channels is essential in today’s online world. There is so much untapped opportunity to drive distribution, and Klusster was built to help you tap into that potential.

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Content is King but distribution is queen and she wears the pants

Jonathan Perelman | Buzzfeed


It’s time to start working together online!

Unlock the power of a group to drive distribution.

Klusster helps groups of authors or businesses, who have complimentary messages, products or services, work together to drive value and distribution.

  • PUBLISH: By publishing a group’s content into a Klusster Publication, they create an online magazine offering value to their collective audiences.
  • SHARE: Using Klusster’s distribution engine, the group members quickly and easily share their fellow member’s latest content to their collective social audiences, across multiple platforms.
  • AMPLIFY: The aggregated social media of a network reaches a larger, more engaged audience.

The distribution of a group is far greater than the distribution of a single individual. Many hands make light work.

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Here’s how it works:

Leverage your community, your networks, your partners, your tribe, to amplify your online presence!

  1. Host your content in your Klusster Portfolio / Turn-key Blog.
  2. Gather your “tribe”, whose content compliments yours, and publish your content together in a Klusster Publication.
  3. The group collectively shares the publication content and drives more traffic than any one member could achieve working alone.

Bonus: Publish your content into multiple Klusster Publications to explode your reach!

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Create once publish everywhere

Klusster Features

Unlock the power of a group to drive distribution for your content.

Your Profile

Your profile is all about you, your business and your content. Include your company info, web and social media links. All content you upload to Klusster is hosted in your Profile.

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Your Content

Upload content to your portfolio that tells your stories and inspires your readers to engage. Media rich options with text, images, video, soundcloud and iFrame capabilities.

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Collaborate with other authors/businesses and join or create your own digital publications with multiple contributors. Work together to drive distribution!

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Team Alerts

Engage your staff or team with a quick, easy process for them to share your content to their social media. Coordinate your team to drive distribution!

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Distributions Tools

Proactive notifications with 2 click post process and distribution statistics to motivate sharing for your group.

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Content Built for Business

Distribute through relevant networks, generate leads, build your brand, backlink to your website, and track content views. Get the most out of your content for your business.

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Why Klusster?

“I’m a member of a local, online health publication, powered by Klusster. Our group of community businesses work together to drive traffic to our publication, and my content has been read over 5000 times.”

NG | Owner, Bodhi Bar

Reach a Larger Targeted Audience

Engage MORE readers with a group than you can working alone.

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Convert Readers Into Leads

Capture your audience with built-in lead-gen tools on every content page.

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Improve SEO Performance

Generate backlinks and content referrals through your peer network.

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Gain ROI Clarity

Track content, engagement and network performance.

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